Cloud Services in Sweden

All of our own cloud services are delivered from data centers in Sweden.

Passion for IT

We are passionate about IT and are eager to solve your IT challenges.

Sustainable digitalization

The sustainability aspect is always on our mind - from the first meeting to the final solution.

Our mission

VMAR works for future digitalization and offers efficient and sustainable cloud services from data centers in Sweden.

By combining powerful infrastructure services with the skills of experienced application developers, we can take overall responsibility for the services we deliver.

Our Services


Speed up and future proof your development with Containers and use less system resources. Our Kubernetes service is developed by developers for developers.


Build your own private data center with us and take full control over every part of your IT infrastructure.


Protect your data in a secure and efficient way in another geographical location to be restored in the event of an accident.

Application development

Our experienced application developers are here to help you to take your idea to a final product. The code makes all the difference!

Sustainable development

in Sweden

Sweden-based services

All our services that we produce inhouse are delivered from data centers in Sweden. We guarantee that customer data is stored within the Swedish borders and delivered by a Swedish-owned company.

Future proof

Sustainability is always a priority - from the components with which we choose to build our services, the electricity sources we use, to writing code efficiently to reduce the environmental impact.

The importance of our customer

It may sound obvious, but as a customer you are the most important. We are providing you with the support and help that you expect from us. Feel free to challenge us by contacting us for a consultation.

Cost effective

We have developed and built our services in an efficient way with low operational costs, without compromising quality. This means that we can deliver competitive prices in an already highly competitive market.

A few words from our customers

Psst! We are growing and have moved into a new and larger office in Uppsala.
Feel free to visit us over a cup of coffee!